Convoy, not Minister’s car stopped near Pamba, say police; not apology but check report given


The BJP has landed in a soup over claims that the vehicle of Union Minister Pon Radhakrishnan was blocked by the police near Pamba in the wee hours of Thursday and they later gave an apology in writing.

Incidentally, it was the Minister's escort that was blocked for checking and the police gave in writing that the vehicle was checked as a normal procedure as it arrived at the spot nearly 10 minutes after the Minister's vehicle along with an escort had left.

The police put out CCTV images of the vehicle of the Minister, with whom BJP state leader AN Radhakrishnan was travelling, passing Pamba enroute Nilackal followed by an escort vehicle. The third vehicle in the convoy came over seven minutes later around 1.20 am. Police stopped the vehicle for a search on suspicion of a wanted protestor making a bid to flee from police net.

Superintendent of Police Harisankar, in-charge of security at Pampa, explained things to the Minister who wanted to know why a person in the car was arrested by mistake and demanded a written explanation for this.

Harisankar clarified that none was arrested and the checking was a normal procedure. The Circle Inspector at Pamba submitted a check report after which the Minister continued his journey, Harisankar told the media.Also, he clarified that it was not the Minister’s vehicle but a convoy one that came much after which was checked.

Earlier on Wednesday morning, Pon Radhakrishnan had a tiff with Superintendent of Police Yathish Chandra. He asked why private vehicles were not allowed to Pamba. Yatish explained that it was the policy to allow only KSRTC buses to ferry pilgrims to Pamba since the roads were prone to landslips after the flood and also to avoid traffic snarls. When the Minister insisted that private vehicles too should be allowed, Yatish said it could be done on his instructions which embarrassed not the Minister and the state party leader AN Radhakrishnan.