Manvila fire tragedy: Police suspect conspiracy

Manvila fire tragedy: Police suspect conspiracy


Thiruvananthapuram : A conspiracy angle has been found by the Police behind the fire tragedy at Manvila plastic factory in Kerala.

Police have taken into custody two persons with regard to the incident. It is suspected that the salary cut of two employees could be one of the reasons. Further it has also come to the notice of the Police that the three dismissed workers were seen hanging around the factory on the day of tragic fire incident. However investigations are continuing.

Earlier, police had ruled out sabotage during the preliminary investigation. But police have got some clue on a sabotage angle only on Friday.

Those in custody are natives of Chirayinkeezhu and Kazhakoottam. One of them had bought a lighter from Kazhakoottam ahead of the incident, it is learnt.

The recent decision of the factory management to cut the salary of employees had evoked unrest among a section of workers. Police are now trying to link the sabotage attempt as a way to avenge the management decision.