CPM secretariat stands by Minister Jaleel in ‘nepotism’  case

CPM secretariat stands by Minister Jaleel in ‘nepotism’ case

Thiruvananthapuram: CPM state secretariat has expressed full confidence in Minister K T Jaleel, who is in a soup after serious charge of nepotism.

It felt there was not even an iota of substance in the complaint made against Jaleel. No irregularity happened in the recruitment process where his close relative notched the general manager post in the Kerala State Minorities Development Finance Corporation. The party body felt it could fight the matter out in court.

Jaleel has not been spared of more accusations with Congress leader Anil Akkara saying the Minister had also made irregular recruitments in Kerala Institute of Local Administration(KILA). He alleged that the minister had gone out of his way to recruit SDPI members.

Jaleel, emboldened by the CPM support, has denied this charge too and said there was no case of nepotism in the appointment of his cousin KT Adeeb as general manager.
“Certain rules were changed to let more people apply for the post and the government has the authority to appoint on deputation any person with the qualification and experience said in the rule,” he asserted.