Sabarimala closes after ‘Chithira Atta Vishesham’

Sabarimala closes after ‘Chithira Atta Vishesham’

Sabarimala, Nov 07: After a few hours of tense atmosphere due to the heavy presence of police and the members of various Hindu outfits, Sabarimala temple closed on Tuesday at 10 pm.

The 26-hour-long Chithira Atta Vishesham came to an end after padi pooja held under the stewardship of Thantri Kandararu Rajeevaru. Tense situations were built up on a few occasions at Sannidhanam over the entry of young women. At one occasion, it was almost a tussle between the police and the members of Hindu outfits over the issue of a young woman’s entry. Untoward incidents were avoided by timely intervention of leaders from both sides.

The prohibitory order imposed in the area was revoked at 12 am on Tuesday. The temple will open again on Vrichikam 1 (November 16). Before that on November 13, Supreme Court will consider the writ petitions filed by various outfits about the entry of women in the 10-50 age groups.