Pinarayi warns Cabinet Colleagues
Pinarayi warns Cabinet Colleagues

Protests to destroy social unity, says Pinarayi


Realising that the situation may go out of hands in Sabarimala issue, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan today said the protests were aimed at destroying the communal unity in the State and going back on the number of social reformation strides that the State has witnessed over decades.

Pinarayi was categoric when he said that his Government’s stand was implementing the verdict whatever it was. Hence, there was no question of the government moving a review petition.

It was the Government policy that there should be no discrimination on grounds of caste, creed or gender. He pointed to the history of the State which led in reformation movements like the Vaikom and Guruvayur satyagrahas allowing all castes to enter temples. It had been a long struggle to ensure equality and the present protests were aimed at destroying social unity and harmony which had to be opposed.