Balabhaskar’s condition remains critical

Balabhaskar’s condition remains critical


Violinist and music director Balabhaskar will have to undergo an emergency surgery on Tuesday night. As his condition continued to be critical, expert neurosurgeon Dr. Marthandan Pillai suggested surgery. From morning onwards, Balabhaskar was in the ICU. His condition continues to remain critical even on Tuesday evening, according to hospital reports. During the accident, Balabhaskar suffered deep injuries. He is understood to have suffered a critical spinal injury.

However, the condition of his wife Lakshmi and driver Arjun have improved.

Balabhaskar and Lakshmi had got a child after years of prayers in various temples. As they did not have a child after marriage, they had started treatment in various hospitals. The couple also visited various temples and finally God heard their prayers and the couple got a kid after 16 years of marriage. But in a cruel twist of fate, they lost their child Tejaswi Bala in the car accident on Tuesday morning.

Balabhaskar had started his career as a music director at the age of 17. Later, he turned into a stage performer with solo violin performances and performed brilliantly. As his popularity grew, he earned fans across the world.