Only Karunakaran was denied justice in spy case: Muraleedharan

Only Karunakaran was denied justice in spy case: Muraleedharan


The Supreme verdict in the ISRO spy espionage case has seen just one person, former Chief Minister late K Karunakaran, being denied justice, according to his son and Congress leader K Muraleedharan, MLA.

While welcoming the verdict granting Rs 50 lakh compensation to scientist Nambi Narayanan, which came very late, Muraleedharan said all suspects were free now and his father, against whom the plot was hatched, died without getting justice. One among those in the case, Raman Srivastava was now an adviser to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

Muraleedharan felt that when the three police officials, Sibi Mathews, KK Joshua and S Vijayan would be interrogated by the SC-appointed commission, a clear picture of the conspiracy would emerge. He added that there were several behind the conspiracy and it would not be proper to reveal the names now.

This was also the stand of his sister Padmaja, another party leader, who said the names would be revealed to the commission.

It is not right to reveal the names before the probe begins. Muraleedharan also did not spare former Prime Minister Narasimha Rao, who, he said, tried to put pressure on Karunakaran to step down when the espionage issue came up.

He attributed this to the charge that had been levelled against Rao during whose regime the Babri Masjid was destroyed and he was seen responsible alienating minorities from the Congress. Sands were growing in the party for replacing him and Karunakaran’s name was among the three to take over. Rao succeeded in trapping two of them in hawala cases and used the spy case to push Karunakaran out.

It was sad that Karunakaran was summoned to Delhi and made to wait without being assigned any post. At the end, what he got was a low-profile portfolio, Muraleedharan alleged.

Incidentally, Karunakaran is believed to have had a hand in hoisting Rao to power after the death of Rajiv Gandhi.