Missionaries of Jesus breaks law, reveals nun’s identity

Missionaries of Jesus breaks law, reveals nun’s identity


The congregation Missionaries of Jesus which has been up in arms against the protest demanding the arrest of Jalandhar bishop Franco Mulakkal has landed in trouble by releasing the photograph of the nun who has raised the rape charge.

The photo of the nun and the bishop in a group was part of a statement put out by the congregation. The law is clear that revealing the identity of a rape or sexual assault victim is an offence.

The statement was on the basis of an 'inquiry’ by the congregation into the charges levelled by the nun. The photograph pertains to a private function of May 23, 2015, where the two were present.

However, the congregation cautioned against publishing the picture. It said this was only to prove that the nun had attended several functions with Mulakkal even after the time during which the said actions of the bishop.

It accused the victim, her five fellow nuns and four others of conspiring against the bishop.

They had ‘violated’ congregation discipline several times and even refused to renew their vows. They were now under the influence of 'atheists’.

The statement claimed that the visitors' register, a key evidence for establishing Mulakkal's presence in the convent in Kuravilangad where the victim stayed, was handled by a nun very close to her and she might have tampered with it. It also raised a charge that the control system of the CCTV cameras were shifted from the Mother Superior’s room to theirs for 'destroying’ evidence.