George offers ‘apology’, withdraws ‘prostitute’ term against nun

George offers ‘apology’, withdraws ‘prostitute’ term against nun


Kerala’s legislator wedded to controversy, PC George, who raised a storm by shaming the nun who accused Jalandhar Bishop Franco Mulakkal of raping her, has offered an apology. He announced that he was withdrawing his derogatory remark of 'prostitute’ against the nun.

He claimed he was doing so not owing to fear or pressure and stood by his other comments, making his whole apology a farce.

George had been under fire from different quarters and was under threat of facing action under law. While the police was to take a statement from the nun to book a case against the legislator, the Speaker had said he would look into the matter as it was not proper for an MLA to behave thus.

The National Women’s Commission had claimed to take up the issue and send a letter to DGP Loknath Behera for immediate action.

“I shouldn’t have used that word to describe any woman. I said that accidentally amidst the crowd of journalists in Kottayam. But, I won’t change the other statements that I made then”. Unwilling to relent, George also claimed that he had sufficient evidence to back his,other claims’.

He had said the nun had accused the bishop of raping her 13 times and had never protested 12 times. The nun even in her latest letter had made it clear that she was under fear and finally mustered courage.

The nuns protesting for the arrest of the bishop have not taken the so-called apology seriously and said they were firm on taking up the matter in court.