George’s harangue against nun kicks up big row

George’s harangue against nun kicks up big row


Courting controversy has been PC George's, the MLA of Poonjar, wont. And this time his contagious tendency to put his foot in his mouth was targeted against the nun who has raised a storm against Jalandhar bishop Franco Mulakkal, accusing him of raping her 13 times. He did call her a 'prostitute’ and this has earned much wrath from all corners.

It may be soon that the National Commission for Women may take action against the MLA and social media is flooded with comments against George's derogatory remarks. “This MLA is infamous for making such comments. Law makers who are supposed to protect woman behaving like this are shameful”, Rekha Sharma said. Sharma also noted that the commission would be writing to Kerala DGP Loknath Behera to take action against such lawmakers.

During a press meet at Kottayam on Saturday he asked, “Is there any doubt that the nun is a prostitute? Twelve times it was pleasure, but the 13th time it became rape.” He asked why she said nothing when it happened 12 times. To make matters worse, he said a nun was supposed to be a “virgin like the mother of Jesus Christ”. In this case she had already lost her virginity and so could not be treated as a nun.

George also trained his guns against other nuns who had complained against the bishop and said those nuns too should be examined to determine whether they were “holy”. He said he did not claim that the bishop had not done any wrong, but felt that the nun's deeds too were to be reproached. George found fault with the prevailing system where “women misused sexual abuse laws to frame people with reputation”. He also called the nun a 'trouble-maker’.

George's outburst could have a political intention as he would not want to hurt the majority Christian voters in his constituency. Interestingly, when even nuns for the first time took to the streets on Saturday demanding immediate arrest of Bishop Franco Mulakkal, both the Congress-led United Democratic Front and the CPM-led Left Democratic Front have stayed away from intervening on the matter or making public statements as they would not want to antagonise the Christian vote bank. Two leaders dare to come forward were only VM Sudheeran and VS Achutanandan and they openly demanded the arrest of the Bishop Franco Mulakkal.

George was in the news for bashing up staff at the toll plaza near Thrissur recently. He was chargesheet recently for manhandling a kitchen staff at the MLA canteen last year.

George landed in trouble last year after revealing the name of the victim in the actor-abuse and abduction case involving Dileep. He also eulogised actor Dileep, an accused in the actor abduction case. Earlier in 2013, he had a tiff with former minister KR Gouriamma and called her senile when she raked up an issue of a woman with a child coming to meet George. His remarks in the Assembly were expunged.

But this time, George is unlikely to escape action as his remarks against the nun and also against the law allowing women to raise issues of sexual abuse would not be taken lightly.