Sudhakaran, Isaac in verbal duel

Sudhakaran, Isaac in verbal duel


When most parts of Kuttanad are still under water, it was two ministers at loggerheads over relief operations. PWD Minister G Sudhakaran at a public meeting said draining of water from paddyfields was not happening even after more than two months. Worse still, the contractors supposed to undertake the draining operations were demanding money in advance, he said at a meeting as part of launching of a lottery in connection with the relief in the presence of Finance Minister Thomas Isaac.

He said never has there been such a delay and worse still the demand for advance money, never heard of.

Isaac was quick to respond saying pumping of water would begin in a week. He added that the over 2,000 pumps for draining out water had been underwater for days together and would need repair. An amount of Rs 20,000 would have to be spent per motor.

Later, Sudhakaran said after meeting that he had to say what he had to in front of those who mattered.