Centre should allot more funds to flood ravaged Kerala: Rahul

Centre should allot more funds to flood ravaged Kerala: Rahul

Kochi, Aug 29: Alleging that the financial support extended to flood-ravaged Kerala by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government led by the BJP at the Centre was 'insufficient', Congress President Rahul Gandhi said here on Wednesday that the Union Government should release more funds to the state.

Mr Gandhi, who is here visiting the flood-ravaged areas, told reporters that ‘’I think more financial support that the central government has to give to Kerala. This is owed to the people of Kerala. It is their right. I am sad that the Central government has not given as much financial aid as they can."

Reiterating that his visit to the state is not to politicise the situation, the Congress President said that ‘’I have come here to be with the people of Kerala..... I have come here to get the sense of the feeling and emotions of th people.... I have come here for extending support to them.’’

Mr Gandhi also said that he had given clear instructions to Congress party leaders and workers that they should help in reconstruction of houses, even the congress party had some limitations as they are not part of the Kerala government. Regarding acceptance of fund from UAE government, which offered a package to Kerala, Mr Gandhi said my personal take on it is that, if somebody is giving unconditional money to reduce the pain of people in Kerala, I myself put to take it.’’

He charged that the BJP led NDA government was following a ‘’centralised vision’’, that respected only one ideology and that too based in Nagpur (Referring to RSS). ‘’There are two different visions of India, one is centralised vision and the other is decentralised vision. One respects only one ideology, based out of Nagpur and other respects all different states, all the different ideas, all the different cultures and all the different people in this country,’’ he said.

‘’I think there are certain actions that have been taken at the National level by the government, which was undemocratic and we are fighting that battle. We, Opposition is united in fighting that battle,’’ he said, adding that the fight is going on. Replying to another question, the AICC President reiterated that ‘’I am here to be with people of Kerala and not going get into why the tragedy is occurred, who is responsible. That is not my jurisdiction,’’ he added.

Lauding the reaction of the people at the time of floods, Rahul said he was proud and added ‘’you have shown the way to the rest of the country.’’ (UNI)