Shock, fear grip Kerala after college girl’s murder by Bengali worker

Shock, fear grip Kerala after college girl’s murder by Bengali worker


Not only the people of Perumbavoor, but the entire Kerala is in shock and fear after the news of the migrant worker killing a college student came out on Monday.

Nimisha, a BBA student at Vazhakkulam MES College, was brutally killed at her house by slitting her throat while stopping a Bengali youth from snatching her grandma's gold chain. The murder of Nimisha came after another heinous murder of Jisha, a law student inside her house two years back. Jisha's murder had rocked the entire Kerala state and the murderer, a Bengali youth, was caught after long days of police investigation.

With this incident, once again the question of crime committed by migrant workers in Kerala is going to be a hot topic for discussion. In spite of several instances of crime, very few cases have been registered. Many employers prefer to cover up the crime of their employees as they fear further legal complications.

Perumbavoor deserves a special mention on this issue. This is because, most of the migrant workers live in Perumbavoor due to its mushrooming plywood industry. According to a recent estimate more than one lakh migrant workers from other states are currently residing in Perumbavoor. Most of these workers have come here seeking jobs in factories. The workers are accommodated mostly in rooms adjoining the factories, which works out cheaper both for the employer and the employee.

The authorities have failed to enforce the rule on possession of authorized identity cards for the workers. Political-criminal nexus has facilitated the smooth operation of illegal activity. The migrant workers live in squalor and the camps are often dens of vices.