PM praises Karnataka Govt's efforts in handling corona crisis

PM praises Karnataka Govt's efforts in handling corona crisis

Agency News

Bangaluru, Jun 1: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday complemented the Karnataka government for its way of tackling and handling the Covid-19 pandemic situation in the state.

Speaking after inaugurating the Silver Jubilee celebration of the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS), here, via digital platform from Delhi, the Prime Minister appreciated the work of front line warriors who are fighting every day in the war against Covid-19 and stressed the need to respect them.

"Doctors and other medical workers are soldiers without military uniform. Any kind of attack or violence against them is not acceptable," Mr Modi averred. "There are incidents of violence against the front line warriors. Any kind of abuse, violence or rude behaviour against them is not acceptable. The world is looking towards doctors and medical staff with gratitude," he added. He mentioned that the current situation is the biggest crisis since the two World Wars.

"Pre- and Post-COVID-19, the world will be different. The discussions now at a global level are humanity centric", he said. Stressing the urgent need for further strengthening the medical infrastructure, the Prime Minister said that the Centre has decided to set up Medical Colleges in each and every district. "Nations like ours have to have the medical infrastructure and medical education. Now every district is going to have a medical college," he added. (UNI)