SWR to provide Covid-Immunity boosting kit for frontline staff at railway stations

SWR to provide Covid-Immunity boosting kit for frontline staff at railway stations

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Hubballi, May 30 : Sustaining the fight against COVID-19, Railways are working on ways and means to tackle the virus and prevent the spread of the virus especially among its frontline staff who are attending Lakhs of citizens returning to their hometowns by Shramik Special trains.

Being in the frontline, these security and train staff are in constant contact with migrant citizens, railway administration has decided to arrange for protection by distributing Immunity Kits to shield them against Covid-19 virus at Railway stations.

In a statement issued here by SWR, as part of its staff welfare measures, Construction organization of Bangalore with Ministry of AYUSH started distribution of immunity boosting Kits to frontline workers at KSR Bengaluru Railway Station. The Immunity Boosting Kits being jointly distributed with the Department of Ayush Karnataka contain the following: Arsenicum Album 30, Chawanprash.

Ayush Kadha Powder And Ayush Oil for clearing any nasal congestion These packets were distributed to each RPF staff to boost their immunity during this pandemic and protect them against the Covid-19 virus. The Security personnel and staff at KSR Bengaluru Railway station have welcomed these kits and thanked the administration for supporting them in their duties and protection in this crisis.

This initiative is also being planned to be implemented in Hubli and Mysore division also. Care is also being taken to ensure social distancing, wearing of masks and sanitizing of hands and regular announcements to caution the passengers for prevention and spread of Covid-19 virus before departure. Railway is also ensuring complete sanitization of all coaches before boarding of Shramik Special trains by the passengers (UNI)