Covid-19: Chamarajanagar admin seals TN border areas in M M Hills

Covid-19: Chamarajanagar admin seals TN border areas in M M Hills

Agency News

May 26 : Getting information about people from Tamil Nadu trying to sneak inside the Karnataka border, the Chamarajanagar district administration on Tuesday closed all the known 11 illegal routes in M M Hills.

According to forest officials, vigil has been intensified in the border areas of Tamil Nadu which is having the second highest Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) positive cases in the country. The people on the TN-border are allegedly entering Karnataka from Palar, Hugyam, Jelli Playa, Gajanuru and Garikekadi forest areas, they said.

This was causing concern for the district administration and asked the forest department officials to close down these areas with strict vigilance and not to allow people from Tamil Nadu into Karnataka. M M Hills DFO Yedikodalu said they have deployed as many as 30 forest personnel on these illegal routes and closed the areas also.

Since, the Chamarajanagar district has not a single positive cases and district administration wanted continue the green zone tag taking several measures to stop people on the border areas have several relatives on the Tamil Nadu side and trying to move from one place another through illegal routes and depends on exchange of business and also visiting Tamil Nadu border hospitals.

These border villages are very close to the Tamil Nadu taluk and district places. The forest officials also giving awareness on the Covid to the people on these areas , he said (UNI)