Covid-19: DFRL develops state-of-the-art mobile microbial containment Lab

Covid-19: DFRL develops state-of-the-art mobile microbial containment Lab

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Mysuru, May 11 : A state-of-the-art mobile microbial containment (bsl-3) laboratory, developed by the City based Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL)--‘Parakh’-- was handed over to the Mysore Medical College and Research Laboratory here on Monday.

The Lab has been developed by DRDO in collaboration with ESIC Medical College and Hospital Sanathnagar (Hyderabad) with permission by the Indian Council of Medical Research and Telangana Government. The Lab has been developed within a record time of two weeks, whereas it would normally take about six months. The bsl3 facility is accessible to the research community working on highly pathogenic and infectious diseases such as tuberculosis (tb) HIV Japanese encephalitis virus and other bsl3 class pathogens and to experimentally infect animal models via aerosol route for the development of novel diagnostics, drugs, and vaccines against tb.

This lab has special safety and engineering features for maintaining requisite negative pressure environment to ensure unidirectional airflow, and for ensuring safety of Lab personnel. Defence Minister Rajanth Singh had on April 23 dedicated the first Covid-19 sample collection mobile lab of the country to the nation through video conference from New Delhi. He had appreciated the efforts of DRDO and ESIC in setting up of this biosafety level 2 and level 2 lab in a cord time of 15 days which usually takes about six months time .

The mobile lab is used exclusively for testing covid-19 samples and on a returnable basis. Dr C P Nagaraj, Director of MMCRI, Dr Anil Dutt Semwal, Director of DFRL were among others present on the occasion. (UNI)