COVID-19: Germany recalls its 16 citizens staying in Mysuru

COVID-19: Germany recalls its 16 citizens staying in Mysuru

Agency News

Mysuru, Mar 27: Sixteen German citizens, who were here to learn Yoga, will head back home following an initiative by the German government to recall all its nationals stranded in India due to Lockdown imposed to curb the spread of COVID-19. Deputy Director of Tourism, HP Janardhan confirmed that local authorities have received a communique from the office of the Consulate General of Germany in Bengaluru that 18 of its nationals were in Mysuru and it wanted to evacuate them.

They were in India for the last three months or more and were identified and brought to Kalamandira in the city for a medical check-up on Friday morning. It transpired that none of them displayed any symptoms of COVID-19 and their blood tests too turned out to be negative. They were taken on a special bus on Friday afternoon to Bengaluru from where they will fly back to their country. Mr Janardhan said that two German nationals had already flown back before the ban on international flights came into effect.

There are a few more German citizens in different parts of South India all of whom will be brought to Bengaluru for their onward flight to Germany, he added. (UNI)