Measures taken to prevent COVID 19: DC Kalaburagi

Measures taken to prevent COVID 19: DC Kalaburagi

Agency News

Kalaburagi, Mar 2 : Kalaburagi Deputy Commissioner B Sharat said on Tuesday that the district administration has taken all the measures to prevent the spread of this COVID -19 virus. Informing this to the media here, he further said that a five bed special isolated ward has been ready in district Government hospital for this purpose and instructed all taluks to ensure two bed isolated ward to be kept ready He stated that no cases have been reported so for in the district.

Mr Sharat further stated that he would conduct a health official meeting on Tuesday on issue of how to handle coronavirus and action plan prepared by experts in the field. He added that awareness should be created among the people on the precautions that need to be taken to check the virus. (UNI)