Bengaluru tops in traffic congestion

Bengaluru tops in traffic congestion

Agency News

A survey by a Dutch agency has stated that residents of Bengaluru spend a considerable amount of time in traffic on a daily basis. And our cities from India- Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi and Pune - have made it to the list of cities that experience traffic stagnation.

The study concluded, 'Bengaluru takes the top spot this year with drivers in the southern city expecting to spend an average of 71 per cent extra travel time stuck in traffic.'

The study focuses on extra time spent by a driver on the road. It compares the ideal time spent on the road to the time spent on the road due to a traffic jam. According to the study, the condition of traffic in Bengaluru is worse than 416 global cities. Mumbai ranks fourth on the list, Pune occupies the 5th position while the national capital Delhi is on the 8th position. In Bengaluru, motorists spend extra 243 hours in traffic.

The report stated that Manila and Bogota in Colombia are among the most congested cities on the globe. According to the study, people in Bengaluru spend 243 hours in traffic jams. The additional hours spent on the road are an addition to the ideal travel time. The study claimed that people in Mumbai spend an extra 8 days and 17 hours on the road. In Delhi, motorists spend an extra 7 days and 22 hours in truck.

Last year, Mumbai was ranked as the worst traffic-hit city by the same study. However, this year, Mumbai was termed as the fourth worst. Crumbling infrastructure is one of the reasons that has impacted traffic movement in both, Bengaluru and Mumbai.