Congr aim only  to defeat disqualified MLAs: Siddaramaiah

Congr aim only  to defeat disqualified MLAs: Siddaramaiah

Agency News

Mysuru, Nov 17: Former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Sunday said the main aim of Congress was to defeat disqualified MLAs who were responsible for the fall of the constitutionally formed coalition government in the State.

The Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly said that the disqualified MLAs made statements against him which were far from truth and added that he is not worried about their outspoken allegations as it has no value now.

After backstabbing their mother party now they are contesting to prove something which is not their besides they will have to face the voters' wrath during the campaign.

Expressing confidence in Congress, Siddaramaiah said the outcome of the by-election will also lead to fall of BJP government and mid-term poll is certain. "Congress will sweep 12 seats at minimum," he added.

Elections to 15 Assembly seats will be held in the southern state on December 5. (UNI)