‘BJP toppled Karnataka Govt’- Yediyurappa’s video clip goes viral

‘BJP toppled Karnataka Govt’- Yediyurappa’s video clip goes viral

Agency News

The alleged controversial video clip of Karnataka Chief Minister Yediyurappa, in which he was allegedly heard saying that ‘the Karnataka government was toppled by BJP’, has gone viral.

The video clip in which Karnataka CM Yediyurappa is allegedly talking about ‘operation Kamala’, which toppled Kumaraswamy government, seems to be recorded by a member who attended the meeting. While the video captured the audio, it does not show the chief minister addressing the meeting.

The video is said to be the speech of Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa in a BJP core committee meeting in Hubli. In the audio, he was allegedly heard saying that the ‘operation Kamala’ was carried out in the state with the instructions of BJP national leaders including Amit Shah.

In the leaked video (audio) tape, Yediyurappa mentioned the name of BJP chief Amit Shah behind the supervision of the arrangement for the rebel Karnataka MLAs who carried out a protracted war that led to the collapse of the Congress-Janata Dal Secular government.

In the clip, he is heard asking party workers to behave better with the 17 rebel MLAs of the Congress and Janata Dal Secular (JDS) who resigned from the assembly, bringing down the HD Kumaraswamy government in July this year.

"You do know, don't you, that it wasn't Yediyurappa who made them take this decision. The national president was aware of this and supervised this and made all arrangements. You do know this? You do know, don't you, about the decision of 17 people - they were away in Mumbai for two-three months and were not able to go to their constituencies or see their families. You do know that, don't you?" the Chief Minister is heard saying in the audio tape.

"Unusually, they helped us, who should have been on the opposition for the rest of the term. They helped us become the ruling party. They gave their resignation as MLAs, went to the Supreme Court. Knowing all this - we should stand by them, come what may," he said.

"But none of you has said this. I did not expect this from you. I am sorry. I didn't need to become CM (Chief Minister). I have been CM three or four times. I have seen this. I now feel I have committed a crime by becoming CM after making them have faith in me," Mr Yediyurappa said.

The audio clip has emerged just days before the Supreme Court is going to heard the fate of 17 rebel MLAs. The Supreme Court decision is expected to come on 3rd, 4th or 5th of November.

The Karnataka Congress attacked the government over the audio clip.