Wadiyars celebrate Royal Dasara in Mysuru Palace

Wadiyars celebrate Royal Dasara in Mysuru Palace

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Mysuru, Sep 29 : The private Dasara of the Wadiyars, inherited from the rulers of Vijayanagara emperors and being followed since 1610 AD, got under way at the Mysuru Palace, with full regalia on Sunday.

A practice initiated by Raja Wadiyar in 1610 AD, when he ascended the throne at Srirangapatna, is a tradition, followed since then without a breach and has a recorded history of at least 400 years.

The cynosure of all eyes was titular king Yaduveer Krishnadutta Chamaraja Wadiyar, carrying forward the Wadiyar tradition of observing all religious rites and rituals, associated with Dasara.

A battery of priests officiated the rituals performed by King Yaduveer, while a retinue of palace staff and officials, complete with the caparisoned elephants, marched to the Someshwara temple in the palace precincts.

After the completion of rituals, Yaduveer ascended the golden throne, which is the main attraction during Dasara, as it is kept for public viewing only during the festivities.
The Khas Durbar is a throwback to the past, when the maharajas ruled supreme and brings alive a slice of the bygone era, when the kings used to hold durbar on all days of the Dasara.

Before ascending the throne, the priests of as many as 23 temples offered prasada and porksha to King Yaduveer.

A practice that is only symbolic in nature in the present times, following the abolition of the institution of monarchy and the abolition of the privy purse, it also marks the continuation of an age-old tradition and is witnessed only during the Navratri festival.
On ascending the throne, King Yaduveer offered a salute and received tambula and prasad from various temples in the vicinity. The private durbar continues for 10 days. The rituals and the procedures followed are similar to what was observed more than 400 years ago by the erstwhile rulers and is being kept alive by the successive generations of the Wadiyars, as part of their culture and has given a royal aura to Mysuru Dasara.

The zenith of Mysuru Dasara was attained during the regime of Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar (1902-1940), whose glory has been captured by the palace artistes in the murals of Amba Vilas Palace.

Yaduveer's wife Thrishika Devi Wadiyar and his mother Pramoda Devi were also present on the occasion. The entry was restricted to family members and special guests only. (UNI)