Yediyurappa kickstarts Karnataka anniversary celebration

Yediyurappa kickstarts Karnataka anniversary celebration

Agency News

Kalaburagi , Sep 17 : The sacrifices made by the freedom fighters towards the liberation of the Hyderabad Karnataka region from the rule of Nizam of Hyderabad, was immense and cannot be tagged any price to it, Chief Minister B S Yeddiyurappa said here on Tuesday.

After unfurling the national tricolor and the Kalyana Karnataka Anniversary celebration to commemorate the liberation of the region from the Nizam of Hyderabad's rule, the Chief Minister exhorted people of the region to struggle hard to realise the dreams of the forefathers.
He said that the liberation of the region was the outcome of a determined fight against the atrocities committed by Razakar, the private militia raised by the Nizam of Hyderabad. The atrocities and ordeals suffered by the people of the region was a dark chapter in the annals of history. When India was celebrating its Independence Day on August 15, 1947, freedom was elusive for the Hyderabad-Karnataka region. Around 560 princely States joined the Union. However, Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan had opposed annexation of Hyderabad.

Finally, Sardar Patel decided to undertake “police action” and on September 13, 1948, Major Gen. J.N. Chaudhuri-led Indian Army surrounded the Hyderabad State from 12 directions and completed the operation in 109 hours. Nizam had no choice but surrender to the Indian forces. On September 17, Commander in Chief of the Nizam Army surrendered to the Indian Army.

The Chief Minister said, "On this historic day, it gives me immense pleasure to rename the Hyderabad-Karnataka region as 'Kalyana Karnataka'. The new name is a perfect tribute to the invaluable contribution of 12th Century social reformers."