Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary damaged due to heavy discharge from KRS

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary damaged due to heavy discharge from KRS

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Mandya, Karnataka, Sept 1: Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, near Srirangapatna in Karnataka has incurred heavy damage due to heavy discharge from KRS during the recent floods.

For the first time in the recent years nearly 2 lakh cusecs of water was released from the KRS with all the sluice gates opened following the heavy rains in the catchment areas of the river Cauvery and Hemavati. Most of the islands of Ranganathittu, on the banks of the Cauvery were submerged for several days.

According to preliminary survey 1,200 plants and shrubs were washed out in the flood waters. This has caused extensive damage to 10 islands and heavy to very heavy damage to at least eight other islands. Plants, shrubs, and small trees were swept away in the river, said a senior officer in the Forest Department.

“The department (custodian of the bird sanctuary) conducted a preliminary survey recently. We are planning to submit the report to the higher authorities with certain suggestions to repair the damage, said officials from the forest department.

The works, such as stabalisation of islands, planting saplings/shrubs, and strengthening of the islands are expected to commence only in November as there are chances of increasing the outflow rate from the KRS till then. The bird sanctuary witnessed similar damage in July-August 2018 owing to heavy turbulence in the Cauvery.

Then too, almost 34 islands of Ranganathittu were completely submerged for days. Nests and fledglings of both migratory and Indian birds were washed away, the official said. Nevertheless, senior officials and noted ornithologists will inspect the islands and finalise plans for the proposed stabilisation works before October, said the official. (UNI)