PM and Shah not behind handing over Phone Tapping to CBI: Gowda

PM and Shah not behind handing over Phone Tapping to CBI: Gowda

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Bengaluru, Aug 19 : Former Prime Minister and JDS National President H D Devegowda on Monday ruled out the possibility of involvement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi or BJP National President Amit Shah, who is also the Union Home Minister, behind handing over the raging phone tapping incident, that was referred by the BJP government in Karnataka to CBI yesterday.

Speaking at a press conference here on Monday, Gowda said "since they have no time to look into State matters and totally involved in pressing national issues, I very much doubt about their involvement in this issue as alleged by some quarters (in the Congress party) and there is no need to blow up involvement of my son and former Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy in the issue. It is an attempt to tarnish former chief minister Kumaraswamy,’’ he said.

He said phone tapping was a different matter and there were allegations to this effect since more than three to four decades when it was not used by the security agencies but by politicians for their own personal ends. Referring to recent Floods, Gowda said that the people in villages of flood ravaged Districts of Karnataka are suffering. Farmers, villagers are having no roof to sleep, their agriculture land still under flood waters, their future is bleak. "when such is the situation in parts of flood-affected districts the Centre or State governments are yet to come to their rescue.
Former Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy on Monday clarified saying that “ I had not involved in Phone Tapping as alleged. Former JDS State President A H Vishwanath should maintain his dignity before making allegations against others. During my 13 month in office I have never misused the power”.

Speaking to newsmen at Chikkamagaluru, Kumaraswamy, who is currently on tour of flood ravaged Districts in the State, said that “during my tenure I have concentrated on the development of the State and have responded to the problems of the people. But had never indulged in such crime like Phone Tapping for my own benefit.”

“Let there be an inquiry into the allegations by any Investigating Agency. I am not bothered and when the truth comes out before people to know the facts,” he added. (UNI)