Modi could have consulted local citizen on Kashmir: Devegowda

Modi could have consulted local citizen on Kashmir: Devegowda

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Bengaluru, Aug 15: Former Prime Minister H D Devegowda on Thursday said that repealing Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir may not have created any major turbulence in the troubled State, but the Prime Minister Narendra Modi could have taken into confidence the citizens of that State before taking such a decision. Speaking to reporters after the Independence Day programme at Janata Dal (S) office here on Thursday, he said that there has been a crisis in J and K after the union government’s decision and this is more likely to continue for some time.

He expressed his reservation over the union government keeping under house arrest various leaders of Jammu and Kashmir who had different opinions or opposed repealing of the special status to the state and urged the Prime Minister to release all opposing political leaders immediately. ‘’You cannot celebrate India’s Independence Day under such ban on people or their leaders. Everyone in the country wants the people of this state to lead a peaceful life. But it should be noted that Independence Day is being celebrated there after deployment of very large number of Military forces. This should be noted,’’ he said.

Gowda said the BJP government at the centre should strive hard towards social amity and there is no communal discordant flare up in any corner of the country. ‘’We should live in amity and there should not be any bad blood between communities. And this should be the focus of the Modi government. If any development, contrary to this national belief, if anyone try to arouse it, will be detrimental to the unity of the country,’’ he stated. The former Prime Minister said the nation faced several challenges as lakhs of youth had lost their jobs over last months or a few years, the farmers were facing major challenge as their produce are not fetching even cost of farming.

‘’I feel the union government is not doing enough for the farmer community. Other sections of the society are also suffering due to slowdown in the economy. It remains to be seen how Modi will address such various challenges. It has to be more responsible,’’ he added.UNI