Air Force rescues 500 stranded people in Karnataka

Air Force rescues 500 stranded people in Karnataka

Agency News

Bengaluru, Aug 13 : Air Force has rescued 500 stranded people in the flood ravaged districts of Karnataka in which 48 people have died in flood related incidents and lakhs of people lost their houses, Air Marshal S K Ghotia said today.

Speaking to newsmen here on Tuesday, he said that the Indian Air Force pilots are 'trained for tough situations. The rescue operations have been conducted in a smooth manner so far. Three hundred and sixty five people, including 25 foreign tourists, were rescued on Monday and we have been tasked to rescue another 200 people from Hampi today."

He said that 16 people are still missing after floods hit several parts of the State last week. More than 1,000 villages have been affected and 40,000 houses have been damaged.

Air Marshal Ghotia said that despite the challenges the rescue operations are being conducted efficiently because the pilots are trained for tough situations. "An NDRF officer's boat overturned yesterday and an IAF team promptly responded to save the personnel," he added.

He said that Five helicopters are involved in the rescue operations in Karnataka being carried out by a task force of 50-70 people.

"The first mission was undertaken from Hubballi, then we went to Belagavi, another area badly hit by deluge and then to other locations. We collaborated with the district administration to respond swiftly," he added.

Stating that the Air force rescue teams were deployed in areas where the NDRF teams cannot reach, Air Marshal Ghotia said that the teams will be on standby in the State for some more days . "We are also capable of holding operations in the night but we haven't held any such operations so far in the State". (UNI)