Something fishy about Siddharth’s disappearance: DK Shivkumar

Something fishy about Siddharth’s disappearance: DK Shivkumar

Agency News

Congress leader DK Shivkumar has raised doubts over the disappearance of VG Siddhartha, the founder of the Cafe Coffee Day, saying the entire episode looks ‘fishy’.Taking to Twitter, DK Shivakumar said that Siddhartha's disappearance is fishy, adding that he knows Siddhartha for decades. Shivakumar also raised doubts over the letter claimed to have written by Siddharta.

Rejecting police speculation of a possible suicide angle, DK Shivkumar said that VG Siddhartha is not a kind of man resort to extreme acts like suicide and demanded a thorough investigation.In the letter, claimed to have written by VG Siddharta on July 27th clearly imply suicide signals. VG Siddhartha, in his letter, said that he was "solely" responsible for the "mistakes" made. He also requested the staff and the board of directors, to whom the letter was addressed, to be "strong and continue running these businesses with a new management".

He also said, "Every financial transaction is my responsibility. My team, auditors and senior management are totally unaware of all my transactions. The law should hold me and only me accountable, as I have withheld this information from everybody including my family. My intention was never to cheat or mislead anybody, I have failed as an entrepreneur."