Kumaraswamy slams IT dept for hounding Siddhartha

Kumaraswamy slams IT dept for hounding Siddhartha

Agency News

Former Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy has pointed an accusing finger at IT department for the harassment of Café Coffee Day founder VG Siddhartha who gave life for hundreds of villagers.

"When I heard the news this morning I was shocked. Officials are searching for the body. He gave life to many villagers. Siddhartha faced several challenges. He is a role model for youngsters,” said a worried Kumaraswamy.

“ I met him 7 months back. He spoke about the income tax raids but didn't make any charges against anyone. But I saw his last letter in the media and it is surprising. Friends also told him to sell the assets but there are some issues with few depts.," he added.

Siddhartha had left a purported letter for the Café Coffee Day board in which he allegedly blames IT department of harassment.