Karnataka CM changed his name into ‘Yediyurappa’

Karnataka CM changed his name into ‘Yediyurappa’

Agency News

According to the advice of an astrologer, the newly sworn-in Karnataka Chief Minister changed his name from Yeddyurappa to Yediyurappa.

Astrologers predicted that the new name will bring in luck. As expected, one after another Yediyurappa was crossing the hurdles and finally he took oath as the Chief Minister of Karnataka.

Still, many stumbling blocks are still on the road and the major one is to prove majority in the assembly on trust vote which may take place on Monday. Some political experts raise doubts over how can he prove his majority in an assembly of 222 members with 105 BJP MLAs? Even if he lured the two independents, his total strength will only stand at 107. Still, he needs the support of five more. Sworn-in as Chief Minister for a fourth time in the name of God, Yediyurappa believes that he can cross the final hurdle too with the blessings of stars which have been rearranged after the change of name.

He used the latest spelling, Yediyurappa, from early in 1975 till he became CM for the first time for just seven days in 2007. But around the time he became CM, he changed the spelling to Yeddyurappa on the advice of numerologists. In 2019, while going for fourth time as Chief Minister, he changed spelling into Yediyurappa once again.