SC interim verdict: BJP demands CM Kumaraswamy to resign

SC interim verdict: BJP demands CM Kumaraswamy to resign

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Bengaluru, Jul 17: With the Supreme Court’s interim verdict coming in favour of the 15 rebel Congress and the JD(S) MLAs who have submitted resignations to the speaker, opposition BJP has demanded chief minister Kumaraswamy to resign from his post immediately.

The Opposition BJP leader B S Yeddyurappa, who welcomed the court verdict, said on Wednesday that it was, ‘’Victory of the constitution and the democracy” and demanded Kumaraswamy to resign immediately as it was evident that he had lost the majority to run the government.

In its verdict on Wednesday, the Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that the rebel Congress MLAs should not be compelled to participate in the floor test to be held on July 18 at the state assembly. Based on the Supreme Court ruling, Congress cannot oust rebel Congress MLAs based on their absence in the floor test. They have every right whether to accept or deny the party whip.

Maintaining that with the Supreme Court, upholding the plea of the 15 rebel Congress and the JD(S) MLAs, the morale of the resigned MLAs received a boost. He also appealed the Speaker Ramesh Kumar to act immediately on accepting the resignations, he said.

Hailing the Supreme Court verdict as a ‘landmark judgment’ he said that “since it is an interim order, in the coming days the Apex court will decide the powers and functions of the office of the Speaker”.

BJP leader former Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar demanded on Wednesday that the Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy should step down from the office immediately as he had lost majority.

Speaking to newsmen, immediately after the Supreme Court announced its decision on the petition of the 15 rebel MLAs, he said that the fate of the July 18 floor test in Karnataka Assembly has been sealed now.

“With the numbers are not in favour of the JD(S)-Congress coalition government Kumaraswamy has lost moral right to remain in the post,” he said.