MCC decides to clear 2 lakh tonnes of Waste

MCC decides to clear 2 lakh tonnes of Waste

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Mysuru, Jul 7 : Mysuru City Corporation (MCC), in an attempt to maintain the Heritage City and third place as Clean City, has taken steps to clear huge mounds of waste of nearly 2 lakh tonnes that have piled up at the landfill site over the last 20 years.

Officials expressed confidence that once the waste is cleared, Mysuru will be free of untreated garbage and there will be no more fresh accumulation as two more waste treatment and recycling plants are set to come up, one at Kesare and other Rayanakere. These will be in addition to the eight zero waste management sites that are already functioning.

The bulk of it is accumulated at the existing sewage farm in Vidyaranyapuram which had attracted protests by local residents due to foul odor emanating from it and even affected the real estate market in the area.

MCC Health Officer D G Nagaraju said that the formalities for calling the tenders have been completed and is set to be awarded in due course. “Though the project component will run for 18 months, we want total clearing the waste that goes for landfilling in 10 months,” he added.

The plan is to install machinery for segregation of waste, convert a portion of it to compost that can be used for Horticulture or Agriculture and pack the remaining as refuse-derived fuel (RDF) in Cement factories, according to Dr Nagaraju.

The recycling machinery can process around 200 tonnes a day, but the capacity will be increased to handle additional load so as to complete the entire exercise within a year or 10 months. The entire exercise will be similar to what the local administration of Indore did to get rid of nearly 15 lakh tonnes of waste in less than two years. “This is the only way forward to recycle what is possible, convert the bulk into compost and send the remaining material as RDF to cement factories,” the Health Officer added.

Mysuru, which has been ranked the third cleanest city in the country has a few black spots of which the mountain of garbage at the sewage farm poses the biggest challenge and is now set to be addressed.

A section of elected representatives including District in charge Minister G T Deve Gowda, S A Ramdas, Krishnaraja MLA, accompanied by Deputy Commissioner Abhiram G Sankar and others visited the site to apprise themselves of the situation.

The Minister said the tenders will be finalised this month and additional machinery will be installed to clear and process the garbage pile. (UNI)