LS results:  JD(S)-Congress alliance under pressure in Karnataka

LS results: JD(S)-Congress alliance under pressure in Karnataka

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Bengaluru, May 22: All eyes in Karnataka are on the counting of votes of the 28 Lok Sabha seats in the state on Thursday.

The result of the election is expected to decide the fate of the one-year-old
JD(S)-Congress alliance government. According to reports, if the JD(S)-Congress alliance failed to win a reasonable number of seats and the BJP gains upper hand after the results are announced the State will witness a political turmoil once again. "As the alliance government is under severe pressure from within and outside, any reversal in the Lok Sabha election would cast its shadow on the stability of the JD(S)-Congress government", a senior Congress leader said. With the Exit-poll predictions had gone in favor of the BJP in Karnataka, already several disgruntled Congress MLAs, have started targeting their guns on the senior Congress Party leaders.

While former Minister Ramesh Jarakiholi had already made his intention clear that he may take a drastic step from leaving the party, the outburst against the senior party leaders by another former Minister and Congress MLA, Roshan Baig, is the indication of severe crisis waiting for the Congress in the coming days. Meanwhile, another Congress MLA Dr Sudhakar had also hinted on joining the rebels group and taken a different view on the outcome of the Exit Poll, which according to him is the reflection of the voters mood.

Dr Sudhakar had also convened a press conference this evening and he is likely to announce his future course of action. Dr Sudhakar, was denied a chance to took over as the Chairman of the Karnataka Pollution Control Board by the government, and the Congress MLA, had accused Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy for the denial of the post. UNI