Karnataka to launch innovative programme for Water Conservation

Karnataka to launch innovative programme for Water Conservation

Agency News

Bengaluru, May 18: Expressing grave concern over possible consequences of global warming effect, the state government has planned to launch a massive water conservative programme named as ‘Jalamrutha’, Rural Development and the Panchayath Raj minister Krishna Byregowda informed here on Saturday.

Speaking to newsmen, the minister said that to ward off scarcity conditions in the state it was planned to tackle in four dimensions, including that of Water Literacy, Water Conservation, smart water use and tree planting across the state. In the backdrop of the World Environment Day in early June, the state government have planned to plant at-least 30 lakh tree saplings in a single day on June 11, with the involvement of General Public, Self Help Groups, Schol children, Youth Clubs and Panchayath raj institutions.

“We have planned to take up planting in the premises of every Government facility of all Departments under the Zilla Panchayaths and initiate actions for the implementation of the sustainable waste management including waste segregation, composting and recycling in over 1000 Grama Panchayaths” he said.

Informing that under the Jalamrutha programme, it was planned to create a minimum 20,000 water harvesting structures including revival of over 14000 small water bodies, he said that “An amount of over Rs 500 crore under NAREGA would be utilized for the purpose”.

Replying to questions, the minister said that the department of Panchayath Raj have planned to make it mandatory in every estimate for roads to include tree planting and for every government building estimates to include rainwater harvest or recharge structure and tree planting.

Maintaining that to ensure successful implementation of the programmes, public participation is a must, he had appealed the people to take part in the state government’s Jalamrutha programme in large scale to build a water secure future for our state. UNI