Congress will trigger fall of coalition government in Karnataka: BJP leader

Congress will trigger fall of coalition government in Karnataka: BJP leader

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Bengaluru, Apr 8: Former Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister and senior BJP leader R Ashok today predicted that Congress would trigger the fall of the coalition government in the State as people were disillusioned with the JD(S)-Congress tie-up to usurp power that had resulted in skirmishes between the leaders of the two parties that is spilling over to the joint campaign for the coming Lok Sabha polls.

Speaking at meet-the-press programme organised jointly by Press Club of Bengaluru and Bengaluru Reporters’ Guild, he said the squabble between the leaders and workers of coalition partners has sounded downfall of the government after the general election. ‘’The leaders of the two parties before forming the government had boasted that it was a prelude to ‘Mahaghatbhandan’ on the national level, but the development thereafter has taught a bitter lesson to Congress which is playing second fiddle despite winning higher number of seats in the last Assembly election and giving the power on a platter to JD(S) which had lost its standing winning just 37 seats in the 224-member House,’’ he said.

Terming the coalition government as the ‘worst’ government that Karnataka witnessed in the electoral history, he said it had failed in all fronts. Mr Ashok said the ensuing election was crucial as it will decide who will be the next Prime Minister. While Narendra Modi is poised to continue for his development agenda, Congress nominee Rahul Gandhi stand no chance of replacing him (Modi) as he had no wherewithal to assume the important post.

The BJP leader rejected Congress claims that BJP Parliament had failed to safeguard State’s interests saying that when it came to the land and water issues, the BJP members had stood against any opposition that was against Karnataka’s interest. (UNI)