Congress Manifesto, a soothing balm to correct BJP government: KPCC

Congress Manifesto, a soothing balm to correct BJP government: KPCC

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Bengaluru, Apr 3: The Congress party election manifesto will offer a soothing balm to the people of the country which suffered wounds and people at large suffered under the five-year rule of the BJP at the center that has left common people and farmers in distress, KPCC President Dinesh Gundurao said on Wednesday.

Speaking at a press conference here, he said the Congress Manifesto is revolutionary and historic. It aims towards saving the country and oust the BJP rule, and had perfect future drive and clarity to take the nation on the ‘right path’. He said the manifesto was drafted after detailed consultations in all the states of the country after the party had spoken to social and national thinkers, farmers, youth, women and all other stake holders who hold the correct opinion towards well being of the nation. This projects all-round development of the country and its economy. ‘’It is a detailed documentary on how the nation progressed or otherwise during the BJP rule,’’ he said.

Mr Gundurao said it should not be the aim of a political party to come to power after the election. It should strive towards National Integration and safeguarding sovereignty. ‘’But what the BJP had done during last five years. It caused severe damage to the very web of United India by practicing communal politics,’’ he said.

Mr Gundurao said during the last five years the country witnessed its social fabric being disturbed in the guise of violence against cow slaughter, Dalits and students being oppressed against their freedom of speech and practices. The Congress manifesto will free people of all these ills if the party was elected to power in this general election.

He said the country economy had suffered under Narendra Modi rule and it was under duress. But the true picture had been kept under the carpet by the government. True statistics of the country’s standing in the global economy had been under wraps. ‘’Inept decisions by this government and its Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has left the economy to suffer,’’ he said.

Mr Gundurao said ‘Nyay’ scheme announced by AICC President of providing Rs 72,000 per year to poor familes under minimum wages scheme was not a hallow promise but it will be implemented with true spirit an planning if Congess and its allied parties comes to power at the centre. (UNI)