Operation Lotus: Yeddyurappa concedes to have met Sharangouda Patil

Operation Lotus: Yeddyurappa concedes to have met Sharangouda Patil

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Hubballi, Karnataka, Feb 10: Opposition Leader in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly B S Yeddyurappa, who is also the BJP State President, on Sunday conceded to having met JDS MLA Naganadouda Kandkur's son Sharangouda Patil in Devadurga Guest House on Feb 5 night hours before presentation of State Budget for 2019-20 by Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy in an attempt to lure ruling party MLA into BJP fold and topple the Coalition government .

However, he was quick enough to clarify to the Media persons here on Sunday that he has not taken name of the Assembly Speaker during the Conversion.

Mr Yeddyurappa, yesterday, had charged that the CD released by Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy on Feb 6, was fake and had himself offered to quit politics if the voice in the CD was proved to that of himself.

The former Chief Minister sticked to his stand that he has not taken the name of the Speaker and if it was proved that he has taken the name of Speaker Ramesh Kumar he will quit politics.

Mr Yeddyurappa, speaking to newsmen, charged that "the dialogue of me was only recorded cleverly by the Chief Minister and the dialogue of Sharan Gouda was not recorded. "I have not spoken about Speaker and will step down if it was proved that I have taken his (Mr Ramesh Kumar) name.

The BJP State President charged that Mr Kumaraswamy should not have fallen to low politics. "At least for the position he is holding he should not have played such a low role in the Politics", he added.

BJP sources said that tomorrow, the party will release a CD in which Mr Kumaraswamy's role in offering to opposition party leaders to join JDS. "The CD will be handedover to the Speaker to release in the ongoing Budget Session."

Welcoming Mr Yeddyurappa's confession, Congress leaders including Deputy Chief Minister Dr G Parameshwara demanded his (Mr Yeddyurappa) resignation as he had announced denying involvement in the conversion contained in the CD released by the Chief Minister before commencement of presentation of the Budget for 2019-20 on Feb 8.

Talking to newsmen in Bengaluru, Dr Parameshwara said that the Congress has decided to approach the Speaker to investigate about whether the CD is fake as alleged by Mr Yeddyurappa. "Though Mr Yeddyurappa has confessed to have met JDS Legislator's son, we stick to our stand and appeal to the Speaker to find the truth whether he (Mr Yeddyurappa) has mentioned the Speaker's name or not. But now since he has agreed to have involved in 'Operation Lotus' and had discussion with JDS Legislator's son he should step down from Politics as stated by him before alleging that the CD was fake and will quit Politics if it was proved."

Mr Kumaraswamy, speaking to newsmen separately, in Bengaluru said that "it is good he (Mr Yeddyurappa) has agreed to have met Mr Patil and had discussion about 'operation Lotus'. Tomorrow Speaker will take decision about his next move on the CD I released before presenting the Budget. I am very well aware about the CD which the BJP aims to move in the House tomorrow.

The Chief Minister, speaking to newsmen at Dharmastala, yesterday had offered to quit politics if the voice in the CD was not that of Mr Yeddyurappa and if he had indulged in faking his voice.

The Chief Minister took strong exception to the NDA Government at the Centre headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not inviting him for the Government programmes which will be inaugurated at Dharwad today. "Though the State Government has provided lands free of cost and funds for the State-Central Projects including for Railway project, gas and for IIT and IIIT at Dharwad, there was no official invitation to the Chief Minister. Custom demands such step of inviting the State head irrespective of party in power, but it was ignored and the denial is an insult meted out to the people of the State" he charged. (UNI)