Siddaramaiah attacks BJP for wooing ruling party MLAs in Karnataka

Siddaramaiah attacks BJP for wooing ruling party MLAs in Karnataka

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Chikamagaluru, Karnataka, Jan 16: Former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah today strongly attacked Opposition leader in the Legislative Assembly B S Yeddyurappa, who is also the BJP State President, saying that though he is 77 year old he has not learnt lesson in Politics and indulging in pulling down constitutionally formed Congress-JDS Coalition Government in the State.

Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, Mr Siddaramaiah, who is also the Coalition Government Coordination Committee Chairman, said that "it is shame on the part of the BJP and its leader Yeddyurappa who is trying to capture power from the backdoor by offering money and power to Legislators though they are not willing to switch over. Yeddyurappa's mean mentality is reducing the values of Democracy not only in the State but in the entire country and people have to decide future of that party in the Lok Sabha election which is due in March-April."

Referring to BJP Legislators taken to Delhi and now lodged in a Hotel in Haryana, Mr Siddaramaiah said that "the BJP's move shows how much confidence the Senior leaders of that party have on their own MLAs who should have been in their respective constituencies and serve the people who got them elected."

Mr Siddaramaiah said that "people have given them mandate to sit in the Opposition bench, but BJP is trying to destabilise the duly constituted government by luring the Legislators. I have been telling repeatedly that Mr Yeddyurappa's wishes will not be fulfilled and his dream of becoming Chief Minister will not fulfill whatever the efforts he makes."

Former Union Minister and senior Congress leader C M Ibrahim, in his reaction to BJP's alleged moves, told newsmen that "it is shameful on BJP to keep its own Legislators in captive. I can understand taking 10 or 15 Legislators to a resort but they have taken all the 104 MLAs. Is it not shame on the party which was claiming itself as a clean and transparent."

"I repeat my words even now, Mr Yeddyurappa should go for normal delivery and not for Operation. He is trying to kidnap a married woman to get married after getting her diverse which is not possible even in dream," he added.

Mr Ibrahim said that "as a opposition leader and being a seasoned politician Mr Yeddyurappa should have allowed six month old Kumaraswamy government to function smoothly and criticise whenever he gets opportunity comes instead of trying to kidnap Legislators to pull down the Government and become Chief Minister." (UNI)