Pourakarmikas launch indefinite agitation

Pourakarmikas launch indefinite agitation

Agency News

Mysuru, Oct 3: Hundreds of Pourakarmikas launched indefinite protest in front of Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) office here on Wednesday demanding the State Government and District Administration to fulfill their demands.

Following the agitation, the garbage collection on the streets have piled up in the City of Palaces which had won 'Clean City' title for two years. As the world famous Dasara festivities have began and lakh of Tourists started arriving the bad odour from stinking garbage will send a wrong message. Karnataka State City Councils, Town Municipal Councils’ Pourakarmikas associations, tender-based and permanent Pourakarmikas of Mysuru, Drainage Workers Association are part of the strike.

“We are urging the State Government to fulfill our demands. The earlier government had introduced several schemes for the benefit of Pourakarmikas. But the MCC and District Administration have not implemented them. Appointing one Pourakarmika for every 700 people is unscientific. It amounts to 400 Pourakarmikas losing the jobs. One Pourakarmika should be appointed for every 500 people which is scientific, according to IDP Salappa Committee Report. The government ruling should be implemented without any delay. The tender-based system should be abolished and local bodies should pay the salaries directly to the Pourakarmikas,” said the protesters. (UNI)