Superstition rises as women in Jharkhand gather to worship 'Corona Mai'

Superstition rises as women in Jharkhand gather to worship 'Corona Mai'

Agency News

Ranchi, Jun 5 : Human beings have raised themselves from deepest crises and scaled new heights of development and progress, however, on the other hand, difficult times also lead to superstitions and social and religious evils among the people. An example of this has surfaced in some districts of Jharkhand as women are gathering in open places to worship 'Corona Mai' (Corona Mother). This is the same Coronavirus which has forced the entire human race to face one of the biggest challenges.

On Friday, women in large numbers gathered in open grounds in Bhuda and Dompada of Dhanbad district, Namkum and Tatisilwai of Ranchi and Bagbeda of Jamshedpur where they offered flowers, 'Laddu' and 'Laung' (cloves) to 'Corona Mai' flouting social distancing norms. It all started from Meral of Garhwa district where the women performed the ritual on Tuesday, after which the superstition spread to other parts of the state.

The women are gathering in large numbers to worship Corona Mai, giving a slip to all government guidelines for the containment of coronavirus infection, putting themselves, their families and others at risk of exposure to the deadly infection. As of now, a total of 843 patients of Coronavirus (Covid-19) disease have been detected in Jharkhand. On Thursday, 62 coronavirus patients were detected across the various districts of the state in a single day. (UNI)