Eat from everyone, but vote for Lotus only: Raghubar

Eat from everyone, but vote for Lotus only: Raghubar

Agency News

Dumka, Dec 2: Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das said people of Santhal Pargana are no longer willing to cast their votes on the basis of being served 'Khassi-Bhaat' (mutton and rice) as though they are poor, but their votes were not meant to be sold.
Addressing an election meeting after party candidates on all the four assembly seats of Dumka filed their nominations he said that martyrs have laid down their life for this one vote.

"Eat from everyone but vote for Lotus only," he said, adding that if anyone comes to buy their vote on mutton rice,  they should then click their photographs and send them to the election commission.

He said that time has come when Santhal Pargana is made free from JMM.

The chief minister asked the people to seeks answers from leaders of JMM as to what they have done for the adivasis and moolvasis of the state.

In his nearly one hour speech he spent most of his time attacking the JMM and the Congress.

The chief minister said that on September 6, 2008 police firing was ordered on the tribals who were opposing construction of power plant in Aamgachi-Pokhariya village in which two innocent tribals were killed and at that time it was Shibu Soren who was the chief minister of the state. (UNI)