Raghubar asks Soren family to return land of tribals ‘looted’ by them

Raghubar asks Soren family to return land of tribals ‘looted’ by them

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Jamshedpur, Nov 15 : Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das has attacked the Soren family accusing them of looting the land of the innocent tribals of the state and asked them to return the land back to the original owners.

Addressing a series of public meetings after BJP candidates filed their nominations from Bahragora and Ghatshila, he asked the Sorens to tell the people what they have done for the welfare of the tribals and claimed that only they have used the people for vote bank and filled their coffers.

Das said, land of Sohrai Bhawan in Ranchi and 50 acres of land in Pakur was illegally acquired by the Soren family which they should return to the real owners.

He said, JMM, Congress have never considered the tribals and minorities as their own and have used them only as vote bank. Das said while JMM claims that they were responsible for creation of the separate state but in 1993 they were the ones who had sold the integrity of the state for Rs 2 crore each which was purchased by the Congress.

The Chief Minister said that the then chief minister Hemant Soren cheated the tribal youth of the state as tribal languages were removed from the competitive exams and it was his government which brought the system back and pointed when questions were asked Hemant Soren had claimed that officials had obtained his signature.

Das said, prior to 2014 UPA was in power but the closed mines of Ghatshila were not opened and it was due to the efforts of Jamshedpur MLA Vidyut Baran Mahto that the mines were reopened and many got jobs and promised in the next six months all other closed mines would be opened. He said that the region has also tourism potential which are being explored to be developed. (UNI)