Baba Nagri of Deoghar and Basukinath Dham get ready for month long Shravani Mela

Baba Nagri of Deoghar and Basukinath Dham get ready for month long Shravani Mela

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Deoghar/Dumka, Jul 16: The month-long Shravani Mela, attended by lakhs of
people every year, starts tomorrow this year and will conclude on August 15.
Keeping in mind the huge rush during Shravani Mela, the Deoghar district
administration has made elaborate arrangements.

The temple town of Deoghar, home to Baba Baidynath, is among the 12 'jyotirlingas'
in the country has all been decked up as the entire city has been decorated to
welcome the 'kanwariyas'.

Chief Minister Raghubar Das along with several cabinet colleagues will officially
inaugurate the Mela at Dumma which is the entry point of devotees from Bihar into
Jharkhand and will later travel to Basukinath Dham located in Jarmundi block of
Dumka district to inaugurate the fair as majority of the devotees who come to offer
Jala-Abhishek to Baba Baidynath do make a point to visit Baba Basukinath also.A report from Deoghar said the stretch from Kanwariya path to Shivganga has been painted in orange while the different colors of lights which have been put up all across the city giving a beautiful sight to the eyes of the travellers. The kanwariya path has been filled with sand and all along the way arrangements for toilets, bathrooms, health care facilities and resting areas have been erected.For the parking of the vehicles a mega area has been reserved in Kotiya where couple of tent cities have also been built for the kanwariyas where they can rest free of cost. Today on the occasion of Guru Purnima also a huge rush was witnessed in Deoghar as this was the last day to perform 'sparsh puja' where devotees get a chance to touch the 'jyotirling' while from tomorrow they will have to offer their jala-abhishek through the 'argha' system.Tomorrow on the first day of the Shravani Mela the doors of the temple will be opened for the kanwariyas post the 'Sarkari Puja' and the district administration is hoping that more than 50,000 people will be turning up on the first day itself to offer jala-abhishek to Baba Baidynath.

All the officials of the district administration including DC Rahul Kumar Sinha and SP Narendra Singh today reached the temple and offered their obeisance to Baba Baidyanath and sought his blessings to ensure that the month long festival concludes peacefully.DC Rahul Sinha later said that without the blessings of Baba nothing is possible and he had sought his blessings to ensure successful organisation of the mela.

Later he visited the entire mela premises and looked into the arrangements. (UNI)