Magical Number 181 and a ‘Dabang’ CM

Magical Number 181 and a ‘Dabang’ CM

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Ranchi, Sep 15: Once underestimated and someone who kept away from media glare, Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das is emerging as a most performing administrator in the region.

The 'performing' Chief Minister has suspended officials sitting in video conferences with complainants and at times even ordered probe against retired DIG for not paying the manual labourers their due. Just a year to go for next year's assembly elections and Lok Sabha polls before that, the Chief Minister is on the move.

According to senior government officials, all that's in focus is 'no non sense image of Raghubar Das or a 'Dabang Chief Minister' as he is caustically described for his strict orders for 'time bound' actions and delivery. "Chalo inko suspend karo.....aisey log nahi chahiye," he would often say.

In pursuing this image of the Chief Minister, the Number 181 dial for the Call Centre Mukhya Mantri Jansamvad Kendra (MJSK) is having a magical influence, say state government officials and also some beneficiaries.

"The traditional role of civil service, police and others as administrators, providers and controller of development activities has been revived and given a new life in our state," says Lohardaga based youth Ashutosh, whose brother was killed by Naxals.

"Once we dialed 181 and got in touch with the Jansamvad Kendra, the Chief Minister intervened and we got the compensation," he says. A number of beneficiaries, a group of visiting journalists interacted here speak in similar vein.

"Our Chief Minister is insisting on performance and quick concrete results. He is making things move faster and often officials are suspended," says Digvijay from Dhanbad - another beneficiary of Number 181 call and today a self proclaimed admirer of the Chief Minister.

He also says Number 181 is proving lucky these days as it seems to have "a magical influence" and helping citizens get their grievances redressed. IAS officer and Secretary Sports and Tourism Manish Ranjan says: "There is a new work culture in the state and the bureaucracy is loving it as they are able to show results".

Others agree and maintain most officials these days see their new role as 'facilitator and regulator in a state that has suffered years of perceived negligence during the period of United Bihar and allegations of indiscriminate corruption after the statehood came in.

The Chief Minister has acted against senior babus for allegedly siphoning MG NREGA funds or police not doing enough against the wrong doers in cases of violence and atrocities against women.

It is these factors, officials say on the condition of anonymity that is guiding them to work and carry out things in mission mode even as at times Chief Minister and top bureaucrats known for being part of his team are alleged of being one sided and autocrats.

Launched on May 1, 2015 the MJSK has so far solved over 1.2 lakh grievances. The state government has nominated 54 nodal officers for all 24 districts and 30 departments for monitoring under MJSK. (UNI)