Those opposing NRC in Jharkhand, are followers of Changez Khan : BJP

Those opposing NRC in Jharkhand, are followers of Changez Khan : BJP

Ranchi, Aug 11: The Jharkhand BJP today alleged that some opposition parties and vested organizations, who are opposing the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in the state, are actually the followers of Changez Khan who were indulging in such acts only for their vote bank politics.

Addressing a press conference at the BJP headquarters here, BJP spokesperson Pratul Shahdeo said that NRC should be implemented in the state and large number of illegal Bangladeshi insurgents who are staying in the state should be removed as the manner in which Changez Khan had captured the wealth of the nation similarly these illegal insurgents are snatching the rights of the local people here.

In support of his arguments, Mr Shahdeo pointed that the population of the minorities in the Santhal Pargana region was just 9 per cent in 1951 which at the present has rapidly risen to 23 per cent, similarly the population of the minorities in Ranchi which was 5 per cent in 1951 has increased to 10.5 per cent which shows that in large number insurgents have creped in the state.

He said, these illegal insurgents have eaten the share of the adivasis, moolvasis and real minorities of the state and the political parties have been using the same for their vote bank politics and alleged that these insurgents have also impacted the minorities the most as they have captured the welfare schemes and demanded that concrete steps should be taken over the issue before the next elections these Bangladeshi illegal insurgents be removed from here.

Over a query regarding a letter which has been written by 12 MPs against school mergers in the state, he said the matter was in the cognizance of the state government. He said the decision of school mergers was based on scientific study and as per the thoughts of the Niti Aayog however the Jharkhand government is open for good suggestions and will take a right decision at the right time.

Those present during the press conference included party spokesperson Deendayal Barnwal and media in-charge Shivpujan Pathak. (UNI)