Allow smooth transportation of cherry crops to outside mandis, KT
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Allow smooth transportation of cherry crops to outside mandis, KT

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Srinagar, May 13 : Demanding smooth transportation of Cherry crops to outside mandis from Kashmir, the Kissan Tehreek (KT) on Wednesday said if the fruit is not transported immediately it would perish before reaching its destination. General Secretary KT Ghulam Nabi Malik in a statement urged the administration to allow smooth transportation of the cherry crop from Kashmir to outside mandis in view of its short life span.

He said that due to nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19, all mandis across the country are closed and thus putting the fruit growers at high risk to sell their produce. He said that fruit growers have already suffered huge losses due to last year’s clampdown and subsequent lockdown. If these fruits are not transported immediately, it would perish before reaching its destination which would cause immense losses to the fruit growers, Malik said.

The government should continue its market intervention scheme and keep its purchasing centres open so that the product is purchased and sold at proper rates. ‘Double glass’ variety coming into the market next month was previously lifted by processing units locally and all these local processing units are closed leaving no hope for poor cherry growers to sell out this product. These units should be allowed to résumé functioning immediately so that these units can purchase this crop. Malik said that cherry crop is one of the highly perishable fruits which needed quick transportation. Presently the production of these crops is also very high and requires to be transported to its destinations on priority. He also demanded that cart vendors be allowed to sell this crop in open markets locally and urged the administration to introduce a market intervention scheme to purchase the produce at proper rates. (UNI)