Jammu gears up for Sunday's 'Janta Curfew', says time for real 'desh bhakti'
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Jammu gears up for Sunday's 'Janta Curfew', says time for real 'desh bhakti'

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Jammu, Mar 21 : Asserting that it is the real time of "desh bhakti" (patriotism), the people of Jammu have geared up for 'Janta Curfew' to be observed on Sunday in view of COVID-19. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday in his address to the nation appealed to the countrymen to observe 'Janta (Public) Curfew' to fight against coronavirus and prevent it from spreading.

"Staying home is not a punishment but it is a protection," Meenakshi Kilam, Director, Quality Assurance, University of Jammu here said. She said it is a "Raksha Kwatch (Armour)" to stay safe and to keep others safe too by staying home. "Each one of us can either contribute a bit by staying home or defeating the whole purpose," said the academician and added, "Let all of us stay home on Sunday and move out of homes only if its essential, maintain hygiene and social distancing." "Let us make efforts of our Prime Minister, Central and UT governments and other fellow citizens meaningful and fruitful," she added and said that all this is for keeping us away from pandemic.

"Let us make our 5 pm cheering session also very festive, go back to our roots, wear our fineries, light traditional lamps, blow conches (shankh), gongs, singing bowls, bells, chimes, use traditional metal thaalis or plates or simple clap hard and dedicate cheers and appreciate those in the front line of prevention and cure of this dreadful disease."

"Let us use this to lift our spirits and spread hope and positive thinking," she said and added, "I am staying home to celebrate life and defeat disease and death." Veteran Journalist, Sunny Dua said, "It will be a true "desh bhakti" and sensing the gravity of situation and cities after cities getting into locked down mode Jammu and Kashmir must adhere to this self imposed 'Janta Curfew' because this the only way we can break the chain and stop spread of virus." "We don't have any other weapon with us other than social distancing which must out into best use," he added. Refugee leader Rajiv Chunni said, "The Prime Minister is thinking a lot for the people of the nation and we should stand by him at this juncture." "We as a people and society must welcome this step and play our role positively," said Mr Chunni, adding that India is a country, which stays united and fights in every odd time and this is the time that every Indian citizen should contribute in fighting this disease. "Nobody else but we ourself can protect it from spreading and 'Janta Curfew' is for a day, if required and if it will be extended further, we should be prepared physically, emotionally and mentally to face the situation and come out if it with positivity."

He, however, appealed to every Indian to observe 'Janata Curfew' on Sunday. Chairman Team Jammu, Zorawar Singh Jamwal said, "It's an appreciable step. We urge people to follow it wholeheartedly on Sunday because the more we keep ourselves safe, the more protected will be the nation and the people." "Let us say no to social connecting for sometime and maintain social distancing for everyone's betterment," he added. (UNI)