EU team backs against terror
Jammu & Kashmir

EU team backs against terror


The group of EU Members of Parliament, at the end of their two-day tour of Kashmir, said the abrogation of Article 370 was India’s 'internal matter' and they backed India’s fight against terror. The delegation appealed to India and Pakistan to hold talks so that Kashmir did not become another Afghanistan.

Before winding up the tour, four MEPs, Mr. Bill Newton Dunn from the UK, Mr. Henri Malosse and Mr. Thierry Mariani from France and Mr. Ryszard Czarnecki from Poland, addressed a select media gathering at the old airport. 'Article 370 is an internal matter of India. What concerns us is terrorism which is a global menace and we should stand with India in fighting it,' said Mr. Malosse.

'We are not here to interfere in internal politics and we fully support the country in its efforts for lasting peace and end of terror.' The delegation was hopeful that the change in Kashmir's  status would improve the situation in the region.

'Terrorism in Kashmir is not only an issue for India, but also the international community,' Mr.  Mariani, said. 'In Kashmir, terrorism is severe and this is a global question,' he stressed.

The delegates condemned those calling them fascists. 'We are here only to assess the ground situation. By calling us fascists, our image has been tarnished. It’s better that one should know about us properly before tarnishing our image,' Mr. Mariani said.

They said they would submit their report on Kashmir to certain groups and not the European Union.