Section of media circulating lies: Hurriyat
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Section of media circulating lies: Hurriyat

Agency News

Srinagar, Mar 14 : The moderate Hurriyat Conference (HC) on Thursday lashed out at a section of media for allegedly circulating ‘lies and canards’ through unsubstantiated leaks to harass its chairman Mirwaiz Maulvi Umar Farooq.

“After the raid at the Mirwaiz' residence, the media, through propaganda and lies, is already passing its verdict on moderate HC chairman to vitiate public opinion against him in India,” moderate Hurriyat spokesperson said in a statement issued here.

He said the so called high tech system “recovered “ from the Mirwaiz residence is a legal direct internet class B lease line free to air from a private internet provider in Regal Chowk.

“The tower on the premise was erected after the service provider said that for last mile connectivity between Regal Chowk and his house a tower needed to be erected. The tower would also be used for surveillance purpose by putting a PTZ camera to monitor the whole area as the police personnel at his residence had insisted on surveillance cameras,” he said.

The spokesperson said to claim that it was “recovered” and used as some kind of “hotline” with other country is ridiculous. “The government police cover that the Mirwaiz had at his residence all these years knew about it all along,” he added.

The spokesman further said, “As the Mirwaiz said in his press statement after he was not allowed a press conference after the raid at his residence that letterheads of APHC Anjuman Auqaf and AAC were seized by the investigative agency and no seizure report was given to Mirwaiz despite his request to them.”

He said the electronic media reporting that some incriminating letterheads were recovered is ‘mischievous’ and a ‘cause of concern as the agency may be tamper with what that seized and as no seizure report was given’.

Despite knowing that it is an attempt to “harass” him, the Mirwaiz has asserted that he is willing to cooperate in the matter in Srinagar. However, he alleged the way it is being done and the propaganda campaign being run around it besides, shows that there are clearly other reasons behind it than what is being touted.